Passage Asia signs smart partnership with Absolute Bariatrics and Beauty Asia

Partnership offers a seamless experience for Australians and New Zealanders travelling to Malaysia for medical and wellness tourism

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
PASSAGE ASIA, a leading international patient care management service provider based in Kuala Lumpur, today announced a new smart partnership with ABSOLUTE BARIATRICS & BEAUTY ASIA (ABBA), a long-standing and trusted medical tourism agency operating out of Melbourne, Australia. This partnership will offer a comprehensive and seamless cross-border experience for Australians and New Zealanders travelling to Malaysia for quality and affordable medical and non-medical procedures. These include highly sought after procedures such as weight loss surgery, cosmetic surgery, non-invasive aesthetic treatment and dental.

“We are excited about working closely with the team from Absolute Bariatrics & Beauty Asia. Their professionalism and excellent customer service when it comes to helping Australians and New Zealanders in managing their medical tourism journey to Malaysia are quite unmatched,” says Hanim Shukor, CEO, Passage Asia. “We look forward to welcome the first group of medical tourists from Australia in April 2022 as the international borders open”.

“The opportunity to partner with Passage Asia couldn’t come at a better time. We have full confidence in their team taking care of the needs of our medical tourists and ensuring their wellbeing whilst in Malaysia receiving treatment or undergoing surgeries,” says Michele Lucas, Managing Director, ABBA. “The situation post Covid-19 requires a more delicate handling of international medical tourists and we are pleased to find a smart partner in Passage Asia that has a reputation for making patient care their utmost priority.”

The benefits of this smart partnership include:

  • Offering peace of mind for medical tourists specifically from Australia and New Zealand with all aspects of international cross-border arrangement being managed by both Passage Asia and ABBA. This includes doctor/surgeon recommendation, hospital booking (operation theater, nursing care, room/bed), travel booking (accommodation, travel, tour activities), post-surgery care (dietitian, physiotherapy, full/part-time companion) and mental wellness support through counselling or therapy (pre and post-surgery)
  • Bespoke or customized arrangement for each patient according to their needs or requirements, health conditions and financial obligations
  • Access to a team of professional patient care managers throughout their stay in Malaysia who are specifically trained and mentored by Sister Kay McNaught, Malaysia’s preeminent medical tourism advisor and consultant
  • Transparency and clarity every step of the way to ensure the patients are well-versed on the services rendered and receive full disclosure on pricing

About Passage Asia
Passage Asia is an end-to-end healthcare solutions for patients and their families who are looking for a hassle-free international medical journey. We are the leading provider in cross-border healthcare and wellness needs that offers patients with a one-stop service for all the needs of international health care. Our patient care advisors offer pre-qualified and personalized recommendation to facilitate our patients’ international medical journey and healthcare experience. We offer assurance of adherence to professional medical ethics and privacy. Exceptional personalized care is at the core of our service.


About Absolute Bariatrics & Beauty Asia
Absolute Bariatrics & Beauty Asia is a leading medical tourism agency based in Melbourne, Australia. With a wealth of 12 years’ experience, knowledge and industry reputation, we provide assistance to Australians and New Zealanders seeking surgery, and medical treatments or procedures in top medical facilities in popular destinations such as Malaysia. We act as the medical facilitators for patients who want to have safe successful medical surgery overseas in a setting that they know and trust. Our service is renown and we offer individual bespoke arrangements. We are a boutique high-end service. We don’t skimp or cut corners as your health and safety are extremely important to us.


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