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Passage Asia is an international patient care management services provider offering a stress-free, cross-border journey for health and medical care.

Passage Asia assists our guests on their international journey in search of faster, better and more affordable healthcare and access to quality medical treatment and procedures. Our medical tourists or travellers are rest assured of excellent and personalised care at each important stage of their experience; from pre-surgery, during surgery and post-surgery care.

Our patient care advisors offer pre-qualified and personalized recommendation to facilitate our patients international medical journey and healthcare experience. We offer assurance of adherence to professional medical ethics, privacy and exceptional care is at the core of our services.

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Treatment & Procedure


General Surgery

  • Cancer Treatment
  • Cardiac/Cardiology
  • Orthopedics Surgery
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Fertility Treatment
  • Dental Treatment
  • Ophthalmology Treatment

Regenerative Medicine

  • Stem Cell for Repair
  • Stem Cell for Anti-ageing
  • Stem Cell for Organ
  • Stem Cell  (Muslim-friendly)
  • Stem Cell with Liposuction

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery

  • Abdominoplasty
  • Liposuction
  • Breast Augmentation & Reduction
  • Facelift Surgery
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Brow Lift
  • Anti-ageing Procedures
  • Reconstructive Surgery

Health Screening and Diagnostics

  • General Screening (IJN)
  • Cardiac Screening (CVS KL)
  • Cancer Marker (Gleneagles KL)
  • DNA Full Spectrum
  • Fertility (KPJ Damansara Fertility Centre)

Medical Tourism Travel and Complications Coverage

Travelling thousands of miles from home, family and everything familiar to a destination that is both foreign and perhaps culturally different for medical procedures or treatment can be an uncomfortable experience. You can never be fully prepared for all eventualities, uncertainties or emergency but it would certainly help you to have peace of mind when it comes to having access to a comprehensive medical tourism insurance coverage.

Passage Asia works together with Global Protective Solutions to offer our guests specialized services and insurance solutions and specialty programs for tourists / travelers from almost any country for travel accidents and medical complications.

Our Visionary Advisor - Sister Kay McNaught

“Our patient care managers would ensure our patients’ every needs and comfort are taken care of throughout their journey with us”

Sis Kay McNaught
Medical Tourism Advisor/International Patient Care Consultant

Sister Kay McNaught is an experienced Medical Tourism facilitator and with her nursing qualifications started caring for medical travellers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia more than 10 years ago. During this time, she realised that patients welcomed knowledgeable, skillful and friendly carer whilst they are undergoing surgical procedures.

Passage Asia is indeed fortunate to have Sister Kay McNaught as our medical tourism advisor and provider guidance and know-how to establish the first International Patient Care Management Services provider in Malaysia to provide a cohesive service to patients wishing to make Malaysia their destination for surgery and recuperation.

A selection of elective procedures and therapy can be found on her blog that has formed the basis of the personalised care sought after by most healthcare travellers. The aim is to provide the best patient care whether it’s for a simple procedure or a more complex surgery, so that patient can have the best environment in which to recover and recharge.

What People Say About Sis Kay McNaught

"Sister Kay is a friendly, all round lovely person with a heart of gold. She has amazing strength of character and compassion for others. She has been instrumental in making my self-improvement quest very worthwhile and I have no hesitation in recommending Sister Kay for her knowledge, experience and total care."
Helen Baulch
"I was first referred to Sister Kay through a friend who was living in Kuala Lumpur. Initial contact was via email where I found Sister Kay, who speaks beautiful English, to be very professional in guiding me through the process for the above procedures and recommending the Surgeon who would best be suited to my needs and also the appropriate Hospitals PCMC AND I-HEAL."
Linda Hayhurst
"Sister Kay has been by my side every step of the way. I have enjoyed setting up appointments and consultations through her, as opposed to going through a receptionist or secretary, or the horrors of some answering machine. Sister Kay will always return my calls or SMS in record-breaking time."
Diana-Lea Baranovich

Destination MALAYSIA

Malaysia is blessed with a tropical climate, lush greenery, idyllic islands, fascinating historical sites and a kaleidoscope of cultures – the perfect place to relax and recuperate post-treatment.
Experience the hospitality of our warm, friendly people. Feel right at home as English is widely spoken and interpreters are readily available anytime. Served by highly qualified medical practitioners, most of whom have gained international acclaim for their expertise, Malaysia’s hospitals offer a wide range of niche medical specialties.

Visit for more stories about Malaysia.

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We understand how important it is to receive as much information on your treatment/procedure before you make your final decision. Reach out to us for a chat  with our patient care team about your requirement and concerns. It’s the best start to receive a customized treatment plan for your consideration!

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