Medical travel insurance

Passage Asia is excited to announce our partnership with Custom Assurance Placements Ltd, the administrator of the Global Protective Solutions (GPS) programs. GPS is the leading provider of comprehensive risk mitigation solutions and protection benefits, including products specifically designed for international medical travellers or medical tourists.

International medical travel is an increasingly popular trend, with many individuals seeking the best medical care available across the globe. However, this type of travel requires unique and specialised protection, as standard travel insurance often excludes coverage for medical treatment.

Specialized travel benefits for unexpected costs related to travel or medical complications


Our partnership with GPS provides participants with access to exclusive travel services and insurance benefits. In addition to comprehensive travel accident and illness coverage, we have expanded our benefits to include medical complications for elective procedures when travelling abroad for care. While the risks of medical complications from qualified providers are low, all medical procedures carry certain risks. With this specialized coverage, you can rest assured that unexpected costs associated with unforeseen complications will be covered for up to 180 days following your procedure date.

Participation in the GPS programme is available to individuals worldwide, offering peace of mind for all international medical and dental travellers, as well as their travel companions. The GPS programmes have been protecting medical tourists and their companions since 2008, making it the most established programme in the industry.

Choose Passage Asia and GPS for your next international medical travel experience, and let us take care of your travel services and protection benefits, so you can focus on what really matters – your health.

The above provides only a brief overview of benefits and services available to enrolled participants. Please refer to your specific participation confirmation for applicable details.

To obtain an indication of cost and quote for coverage, please complete and submit an online application using the link above.

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