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Dreaming of a new you? Come make your aesthetic dreams come true in exotic destinations! We’re talking cutting-edge cosmetic treatments or elective procedures paired with a slice of paradise for your recovery. Picture yourself lounging on a pristine beach or in a luxurious spa while you heal. Sounds like the perfect combo, right? Top-notch healthcare meets vacation vibes – now that’s what we call a win-win!

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What are elective procedures?

When it comes to elective surgeries, there’s a whole world of options to explore. At Passage Asia, we’re here to guide you through all these choices, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs and desires.


Plastic surgery is like your body’s personal artist, focusing on enhancing your appearance and boosting confidence – think facelifts, tummy tucks, or that nose job you’ve been considering.


Aesthetic surgery is all about bringing out your inner beauty, with procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, or even non-invasive treatments like Botox. It’s the go-to for those looking to turn back the clock or just feel more fabulous.

Reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgery is the superhero of the bunch, restoring form and function after illness, injury, or birth defects. Whether it’s rebuilding after breast cancer, repairing cleft palates, or helping burn victims, this field combines medical necessity with the art of restoration.

Popular procedures


Face lift

Neck lift

Brow/forehead lift


Revision rhinoplasty




Eyelid surgery

Facial fat transfer

Cheek augmentation

Lip augmentation

Buccal fat removal

Jaw surgery


Gastric bypass

Sleeve gastrectomy

Tummy tuck


Mummy makeover

Arm lift

Thigh lift


Breast augmentation

Breast lift

Breast fat transfer

Breast reduction

Breast implant revision

Breast explant

Curated experiences

Our curated experiences include cosmetic surgery packages where we take into consideration everything you need for a successful procedure, from pre-surgery consultation to post-surgery follow-up. We take care of all the details, including doctor’s recommendation, your accommodation and ground transportation, to ensure that your stay with us is comfortable and stress-free. 

Kuala Lumpur

Our commitment to ensure your safety and comfort is second to none. You can be rest assured of our priority to provide great care and support throughout your stay with us. So why wait? Ask us now about our cosmetic surgery packages and look forward to a more confident and renewed you!


Introducing our ‘procedure-only’ arrangement, a streamlined service designed for those seeking top-notch medical treatments without the added frills. Whether you’re in need of cosmetic surgery, reconstructive procedures, or specialized therapies, our expert team ensures a seamless experience focused solely on your medical needs. Enjoy the highest standards of care and professionalism, all while receiving the precise treatment you require.


Our priority on patient safety and satisfaction is unwavering. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of care and support throughout your entire experience with us. Don’t wait—explore our procedure-only options and begin your journey to a more confident, beautiful you.

Your journey, your way: your personalised experience await!

Let’s craft your perfect health and wellness getaway, blending world-class treatments with unforgettable experiences in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

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