Covid-19 safety standards

Passage Asia welcomes our healthcare travellers with COVID-19 safety standards aligned with World Health Organization protocols as countries around the world begin to open their borders to international visitors (WHO). We collaborate closely with our partners and service providers to ensure our guests’ health and well-being. At each touch point, actionable steps are implemented. And we actively monitor our mechanism in order to improve or adapt in response to the most recent solutions in the fight against COVID-19.

Prior to direct contact with our healthcare travellers, our team members must undergo COVID-19 testing and receive a negative result. This includes patient care managers, drivers, nursing companions, therapists, and others who are expected to take part in the guests’ personalised care.

Mask and Hand Sanitizer
Throughout their direct contact with our guests, we ensure that our team members have an adequate supply of hand sanitizers and disposable masks. Each guest will receive a supply of these items for personal use for the duration of their stay with us. For your peace of mind, our partners and service providers are also required to provide the same facilities.

Social Distancing
Measures will be implemented to ensure that social distancing is observed during all direct interactions with our healthcare travellers. Unnecessary engagement or contact will be avoided. When necessary, precautions such as wearing a mask or gloves and using hand sanitizer will be implemented.

Our dedicated patient care managers and other key team members are always available to our guests, especially during post-surgery care or emergency cases. Any updates or important announcements from the authorities concerning COVID-19 will be communicated to our guests as soon as possible. Rest assured that our healthcare travellers’ safety, well-being, and comfort are our top priorities.

Covid-19 safety standards

Wear your mask especially in closed, crowded areas such as shopping malls.

Wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer when you are out and about.

Keep your distance from other people especially in crowded areas.

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