Private nursing care

Passage Asia offers a top-notch private nursing care service as part of the recuperation process for patients before they return to their country of origin. This service is highly recommended for patients who have undergone major surgeries such as cardiology, cancer treatment, and bariatric, to receive professional and individualized care. Our nurses provide comprehensive care to patients in areas such as wound care and daily dressing, administration of medicine, pain management, and mobility assistance.

At Passage Asia, we understand the importance of privacy and comfort, and we offer our private nursing care service at our preferred hotel partners or at our patient’s chosen accommodation with prior approval from the management. Patients can request for the service to commence immediately after surgery and during their stay in the hospital. Our team comprises experienced registered nurses (RNs) who specialize in managing post-surgery, both cosmetic and general.

Our nurses work under the supervision of Sister Kay McNaught, and they work closely with the related specialists or surgeons to ensure that the recovery protocol, including the administration of medicine and rehabilitation, is strictly followed. We cater to both male and female preferences and take into account any cultural and religious restrictions.

The cost of our private nursing care service ranges from USD 50 to USD 150 per day, depending on the hours and type of service required. Patients are advised to arrange for the service upon confirmed reservation of their surgery to ensure they receive the best post-surgery care.

Passage Asia’s private nursing care service provides patients with personalized care to help them achieve a targeted recovery stage in a relaxing and comfortable ambiance. Our experienced and professional team of registered nurses work in close collaboration with specialists or surgeons to provide the best possible care.

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