Patient care management programme (PCMP)

Introducing PCMP, a premier training programme designed to equip facilitators and patient care managers/coordinators with the expertise and acumen required to deliver an exceptional patient experience. Our goal is to provide a seamless and top-tier patient journey, from the outset to the culmination of their medical care.

The programme is meticulously crafted based on extensive research, industry experience and best global business practices, enabling participants to enhance their knowledge and refine their skill set. Whether you’re looking to expand your existing proficiency or seeking to acquire new competencies, our training program offers a comprehensive approach to elevating your patient care abilities.

Programme brief

Our comprehensive Patient Care Management Programme (PCMP) is a 5 day training programme which will be conducted on-site by our principal trainers, who will guide your team through a combination of interactive activities and informative lectures. The programme also includes on-site coaching and evaluation to ensure that every participant is fully equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this field. Preferred background in nursing, healthcare or wellness, and senior tor guides.

Our trainers

Sister Kay McNaught
Medical Tourism and Patient Care

Dame Ramziah Ahmad
Nursing Care

Dr John Chan Weng Fatt
Tourism and Hospitality

Join us today and unlock the key to delivering exceptional patient care, setting yourself apart in the healthcare industry.

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