Passage Asia enters the African market through strategic collaboration with Vivari Hotel & Spa

Passage Asia chooses South Africa as their first destination in Africa to offer to their international clientele seeking quality medical care and wellness experience

Kuala Lumpur, 1 OCTOBER 2022 PASSAGE ASIA and VIVARI HOTEL AND SPA announced today that the two parties have entered into a strategic collaboration that will offer a stress-free international travel for health care and wellness for those seeking to improve their quality of life and wellbeing in South Africa, a destination synonymous with exotic wildlife and ancient culture.

The collaboration brings together PASSAGE ASIA, a leading international patient care management service provider based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and VIVARI HOTEL AND SPA, in Johannesburg, South Africa, the only one of its kind in the country to incorporate a state-of-the-art aesthetic clinic and hospital as part of its offering.

“It has always been a part of our global expansion plan to explore the opportunity to reach out to partners or collaborators in select international destinations to cater to the needs of our clients that come from different parts of the world,” said Hanim Shukor, CEO of PASSAGE ASIA. “We caught up with Dr Anushka and was suitably impressed with their vision to offer their guests access to select aesthetic and non-surgical treatment and the chance to recuperate in a luxurious and private environment complete with professional aftercare service. Coupled with the chance to explore South Africa’s exotic safaris and cultural diversity, we’re quite sure this would be a popular choice for our discerning international guests.’

“Travelling from far and wide, our guests who come to receive treatment or just to relax would definitely appreciate the tranquility, elegant luxury and pampering service we offer at Vivari,” said Dr Anushka Reddy, Director at Vivari Hotel & Spa. “Wanting to share this and our experience in delivering quality aesthetics treatments, we reach out to Passage Asia to offer our services to their international clientele. We’re confident that our strategic collaboration would extend our market reach and enable Passage Asia to offer a new destination for medical tourism.”

The overall experience at Vivari Hotel and Spa is further enhanced by Vivari AfterCare, a private, modern, and tranquil post-operative recovery centre that offers a wonderful place to recover while remaining near to guests’ physician and loved ones. Their licensed medical practitioners are specifically trained in providing customised aftercare nursing and post-operative care regimens.

About Passage Asia

Passage Asia is an international patient care management services provider and medical tourism agency offering an end-to-end solutions for patients and their families who are looking for a hassle-free international medical journey. We are the leading provider in cross-border healthcare and wellness needs that provides patients with a one-stop service which include doctors’ recommendation, bookings of facilities, post-surgery care and travel arrangement. Our patient care advisors offer pre-qualified and personalized recommendation to facilitate our patients’ international medical journey and healthcare experience. We offer assurance of adherence to professional medical ethics and privacy. Exceptional personalized care is at the core of our service.


About Vivari Hotel & Spa 

Vivari Hotel and Spa is nestled in a leafy valley in Featherbrooke near the Cradle of Humankind, home to our earliest ancestors, harking back to a time when the world was in perfect harmony and humans lived in and with nature. Recapture this serenity at Vivari, where we offer a return to all things natural in our tranquil surroundings, where luxury intersects with sustainability and where our holistic wellness concepts marry with rejuvenation. It is the only one of its kind in South Africa to incorporate a state-of-the-art aesthetic clinic and hospital as part of its offering. Brought to fruition by the vision of Dr Anushka Reddy, a qualified medical doctor by profession who specialises in aesthetics and runs Medi-Sculpt on the same premises, Vivari Hotel is a true game changer in the hospitality industry.


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