Medical tourism facilitator programme (MTFP)

Our Medical Tourism Facilitator Programme aims at equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to become proficient medical tourism facilitators. This programme provides a unique opportunity for individuals interested in the healthcare and tourism industry to gain insights into the intricacies of medical tourism and develop expertise in effectively managing the medical and tourism or hospitality components of the industry.

The Medical Tourism Facilitator Programme is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the medical tourism industry, including an overview of medical facilities, healthcare practices, and patient care management. The programme also focuses on enhancing the participants’ knowledge of the tourism or hospitality industry, including accommodation, transportation, and other related services that are vital to the success of medical tourism.

The programme is tailored to cater to the needs of individuals with diverse backgrounds, including medical professionals, travel agents, hospitality professionals, and individuals seeking to switch careers. The training is conducted by experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the industry, who provide hands-on training and mentorship to ensure that participants develop the necessary skills to excel in their roles as medical tourism facilitators.

Upon completion of the Medical Tourism Facilitator Programme, participants will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage medical tourism services, including patient care management, coordination of medical treatments, travel and accommodation arrangements, and post-treatment follow-up. They will also be able to provide seamless and quality services to patients and their families, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free medical tourism experience.

Overall, the Medical Tourism Facilitator Programme offered by Passage Asia is an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking to gain in-depth knowledge and skills in the medical tourism industry. With its comprehensive training, hands-on approach, and experienced trainers, the programme is guaranteed to provide participants with the necessary expertise to succeed as medical tourism facilitators.

Reach out to us if you or someone you know would be interested in the programme.

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