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Are you interested in expanding your infrastructure in the medical tourism industry? Look no further than our consulting services, which specialise in pre and post-operative care.

Our experienced consultants can offer you tailored advice and solutions to help you optimise your medical tourism infrastructure. We can help you improve the quality of your medical services and boost your reputation in the industry by designing and equipping hospitals and clinics, as well as developing efficient patient care processes.

Our knowledge of pre- and post-surgery care is especially useful in the medical tourism industry, where these services are critical to ensuring patient satisfaction and positive outcomes. We can provide you with advice on best practises for patient preparation, monitoring, and follow-up care, as well as training and support for your staff to ensure high-quality care.

Join forces with us to improve your infrastructure and elevate your medical tourism services. To schedule a consultation, please contact us right away.

Passage Asia recovery retreat
a project proposal

Passage Asia is proud to propose a groundbreaking infrastructure development aimed at providing comprehensive post-surgery recovery services to patients. Our vision is to create a full-service centre based on basophilic landscape and architecture, which caters to the unique needs of post-surgery care and recovery.

Our focus is on creating a serene and peaceful environment, designed to provide patients with the tranquillity and comfort they need to heal. Our Malay-styled garden environment is inspired by the concept of ‘jannah’, a place of paradise and eternal bliss. This concept underlies our approach to design, ensuring that patients experience a sense of inner peace and well-being as they recover.

At Passage Asia, we also understand the importance of sustainability and environmental friendly living. Our proposed infrastructure development incorporates the principles of sustainability and includes various components of renewable energy solutions. We aim to meet Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in every aspect of the facilities available on-site, ensuring that we are responsible towards the environment while providing our services.

Our community or village approach means that we value the free-flow of engagement and communication between our patients, staff, and other stakeholders. This is reflected in the layout design of our accommodation, common areas, specific purpose-built therapy rooms, and other supporting services, including a restaurant/kitchen, administrative office, business centres, backend operations, and more.

In summary, Passage Asia’s proposed infrastructure development aims to provide a comprehensive, sustainable, and peaceful environment for post-surgery recovery. Our unique approach to design, coupled with our focus on sustainability and community, sets us apart and ensures that our patients receive the best possible care and recovery services.

We welcome inquiries from parties who are interested to know more,  potential partnership and investment.

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