Hanim Shukor
ceo and co-founder

Hanim is a seasoned professional dedicated to elevating Malaysia’s medical tourism industry. Her primary objective is to foster a network of expert healthcare facilitators and partners, emphasizing skill proficiency, service excellence, and transparency.

With a robust background in senior management roles across various local and multinational corporations, Hanim brings a wealth of experience to the table. Her expertise spans multiple business sectors, including marketing and communication, business development, sales, content marketing, and entrepreneurship.¬†Hanim’s vision for Malaysia’s medical tourism is clear: to position it as a benchmark for professionalism and quality on the global stage. Drawing from her extensive experience, she is focused on implementing strategies that promote transparency and world-class standards. Her leadership and strategic approach aim to ensure that Malaysia consistently ranks as a top choice for medical tourism, offering unparalleled care and services to patients worldwide.

Hanim is not just a professional; she’s a game-changer. With a fiery passion and a vision that stretches beyond the horizon, she’s on a mission to revolutionize Malaysia’s medical tourism industry. Her dream? To create a robust community of top-tier healthcare facilitators and partners, all marching to the beat of excellence, proficiency, and utmost transparency.

But Hanim isn’t just about big ideas; she has the experience to back them up. Having navigated the corridors of power in both local and multinational giants, she’s gleaned insights and honed skills that few can rival. From steering marketing and communication campaigns to spearheading business development initiatives, from mastering the nuances of sales to crafting compelling content marketing strategies, Hanim has done it all. And at each turn, she’s left an indelible mark of excellence.

Her leadership roles across diverse business domains have not only enriched her with a holistic understanding of the industry but have also instilled in her an entrepreneurial spirit. This unique blend of experience and drive positions her perfectly to lead the charge in elevating Malaysia’s medical tourism landscape.

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