Asri Ahmad
director, design and innovation

Asri stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation in the design industry. With a rich background in industrial design, he has mastered a diverse range of design disciplines, from shaping business aesthetics to crafting memorable brand identities. His expertise doesn’t just stop at design; it extends into the realm of innovation, where he constantly pushes boundaries and redefines norms.

At the heart of Passage Asia, Asri wears the hat of the Director of Design and Innovation. In this pivotal role, he’s not just overseeing design projects; he’s setting the vision for them. He ensures that every design not only looks good but also resonates with the brand’s ethos and the audience’s expectations. His leadership has been instrumental in steering the company towards a path of consistent innovation, making Passage Asia a recognized name in design circles.

Before his illustrious journey with Passage Asia, where he proudly co-founded the company, Asri showcased his creative prowess at Rifaie, Chua, and Sethi Sdn Bhd. As their Executive Creative Director, he was the driving force behind many of their standout projects. His entrepreneurial spirit shone again when he co-founded Rekanegara, further solidifying his reputation as a leader in the design industry. One of Asri’s crowning achievements was being part of the original design team that breathed life into the iconic Petronas and Malaysia brand campaigns. These campaigns not only set a benchmark in design but also became a part of the nation’s identity.

Beyond his hands-on work, Asri has been a guiding light for many budding designers. He has graced the MRM Malaysia Design Mark Panel as a judge, offering his insights and expertise to evaluate and uplift the design standards in the industry. Moreover, his voice resonates in various industry talks and seminars. As an accomplished speaker, he passionately shares his knowledge on design practices and the essence of innovation, inspiring many to think outside the box.

Asri is more than just a designer; he’s a visionary. His contributions to the design world, especially as Passage Asia’s director of design and innovation, have left an indelible mark. His journey, filled with creativity, leadership, and passion, continues to inspire and shape the future of design.

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