Ahmad Hafiz Mohd Kamal
legal & investment advisor

Hafiz, a distinguished figure in the realm of international legal and business advisory, has been an invaluable asset to Passage Asia. With a keen acumen and vast experience, he has adeptly navigated the intricate maze of the global legal and business landscape, serving as both an advisor and director for prominent finance companies that operate on an international and multinational scale.

His reputation precedes him, especially when it comes to his meticulous attention to detail. Hafiz’s expertise isn’t just limited to general advisory; he specializes in a range of areas including dispute resolution, preventive litigation strategies, and intricate matters related to contracts and regulations. His profound understanding of these domains ensures that our clients and partners receive guidance that is both insightful and actionable.

In the world of investment, Hafiz’s role is equally pivotal. He understands the nuances of the financial market and provides guidance that aligns with our business goals and risk appetite. His advice is not just based on current market trends but also on foresight, ensuring our clients are always a step ahead. Hafiz’s role as a legal and investment advisor for Passage Asia is multifaceted and indispensable. His vast experience, combined with his sharp insights, ensures that our clients and partners always receive the best possible guidance in their endeavors. Passage Asia is indeed fortunate to have such a stalwart professional on our team.

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